SE3 integrates the ideas of client, architect and engineer into quality systems that recognizes the importance of the environment, the project's functional and economic demands, and the need to create comfortable and pleasant places to live, work and transport.

SE3 ensures that transportation projects integrate state-of-the-art design and accounts for effects on the environment, communities and neighborhoods, helping the client compete for sought-after federal funds. Our experts help define the client's current and future transportation needs, find the right route for their transportation system and develop it, with services including location and environmental assessments, planning, public involvement, permitting and construction management.

SE3 professionals also evaluate every aspect of a construction project through all phases of pre-construction, bidding and award, site observation and job completion. While under contract to owners, SE3 organizes, coordinates and oversees all the various functions and agencies involved during the planning and construction process, by managing and coordinating all key project elements and allowing the owner to focus on other more important organization activities.

Construction Contracting and Management

The SE3 Team’s management plan emphasizes quality of work, adherence to project budget and compliance with project schedule. Our approach outlines our understanding of the anticipated scope of work and addresses schedules, meetings, deliverables, design and construction standards, issues and criteria and community involvement. To ensure the successful completion of these projects, assigned staff will be locally available for the duration of the project.

SE3’s Construction Management services in the roles of Resident Engineers and Inspectors are to be responsible for project coordination, construction inspection, material testing and contract documentation in accordance with the owner’s standards. The SE3 Team also performs pre-construction and post-construction professional services to assure a more successful project implementation plan. SE3 is capable of preparing all required documentation on behalf of the owner.

Program Management

High Speed Rail

  • Construction Management
  • Program Management