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SE3 has been a key part of the Illinois Tollway’s General Engineering Consultant (GEC) team as a sub-consultant to AECOM since 2010. During that time, SE3 has provided various tasks across multiple disciplines in support of the Illinois Tollway’s Congestion Relief and Move Illinois Programs. In our role on the GEC Team, SE3 provides a variety of services in support of the Tollway’s engineering, planning and construction staff.

Project tasks include:

  • Systemwide Design Corridor Management and Programming for annual maintenance and repair contracts
  • Construction Coordination/Support for Systemwide corridor maintenance and repair contracts
  • Review of Barrier Warrant Analyses prepared by design section engineers
  • Field review of contracts at completion for adherence to Contract Documents and generation of punch lists
  • Field review and documentation of warranties for construction contracts
  • Preparation, tracking, and implementation of the Tollway Engineering Department’s annual Operating Capital Budget (approximately $50M/year)
  • Preparation of Barrier Warrants for special assignments
  • Fleet fuel management services for Tollway Maintenance
  • Conducting training seminars for design consultants
  • Preparation of quantities for maintenance and operational construction bids
  • Review of design plans
  • Coordinate ITS construction issues on behalf of the ITS Unit along I-90 east of the Elgin Toll Plaza
  • Conducting periodic audits of Construction Management documentation and practices
  • Assist in annual revisions to Tollway Standards and Manuals including the preparation of the Design Section Engineers Manual and coordination of the ITS Deployment Guide
  • GIS implementation of asset inventory across the Tollway system