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SE3 is a sub-consultant to AECOM on the Central Tri-State Design Corridor Manager (DCM) team for the Illinois Tollway. The Illinois Tollway's “Move Illinois” program is a 15-year, $12 billion capital plan designed to help increase mobility and relieve congestion in northern Illinois. As a part of Move Illinois, the DCM team oversees $4 billion worth of Central Tri-State reconstruction, encompassing 19 individual design contracts for developing more than 50 construction contracts. Along with our DCM responsibilities, SE3 provides design support to 6 contracts in the Central Tri-State corridor. SE3 contributes to the team by filling key coordinator roles with responsibilities covering the entire project corridor for the DCM, and by being a trusted design partner and technical resource to all our project teams. Our services in support of this project are multi-faceted and span several disciplines.

Project tasks include:

  • IDOT Coordinator Role – Liaison between IDOT and Corridor Designers
  • Field Coordinator/Permits – Liaison between Illinois Tollway and Corridor Designers
  • Materials Coordinator – Liaison to Corridor Designers for Materials Issues & Coordination
  • Risk Register – An SE3 Managed list of potential risks to the corridor's schedule, budget, or scope of work
  • Corridor Dashboard – SE3 developed an internal web-based solution to help facilitate communications and information sharing between consultants and Illinois Tollway staff. Impressed by the resourcefulness and value of the dashboard, Illinois Tollway hopes to implement it on future corridor improvement programs and projects.
  • Constructability Reviews
  • CADD Support – SE3 assists in developing corridor-wide details and exhibits
  • Design Contract Liaison – Provides key coordination between designers, the DCM team, and Illinois Tollway for 4 design contracts, including the Mile-Long Bridge.
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Support – SE3 provides support to the DCM team in developing corridor requirements and details related to ITS deployments within the corridor
  • Design tasks for various roles within the Corridor include:
    • Quality Control/Quality Assurance Reviews
    • Barrier Warrant Analyses
    • Bridge Repair Plans
    • Clean and Televise Sewer Plans
    • Retaining Wall Design
    • Noise Abatement Wall Design
    • Roadway Plan and Profile Design
    • Signing and Striping Design
    • Drainage Design
    • Utility Relocation Design
    • Typical Sections
    • Cross Sections
    • 3D CAD Modeling
    • Quantities, Special Provisions, Cost Estimating