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The Illinois Tollway’s Job Order Contracting (JOC) Facilities Program awarded 8 general contractors with 5-year contracts to provide construction services to Tollway facilities. SE3 has joined Cotter Consulting in construction management services to 4 of these contractors: AGAE Contractors, Inc., Old Veteran Construction, Inc., Robe Construction, Inc., and Speedy Gonzalez Landscaping, Inc. Since early 2017, SE3’s tasks include providing documentation and inspection services.

Project tasks include:


SE3 worked with AGAE Contractors on the LED lighting project. This task consisted of removing existing lights in Tollway maintenance facilities (M-3, M-4, M-5, M-11 and M-12) and replacing them with new LED lights. The light fixtures were furnished by the Illinois Tollway, delivered to the sites, and were properly hung and wired to the existing electrical system.

Another section of the JOC Facilities Program that SE3 took part in was the Kitchen Remodeling project with Robe Construction, Inc. This task consisted of designing, demolishing, and remodeling of the M-2 Tollway maintenance facility. The scope of work included cleaning and resurfacing floors, painting, replacing ceiling, replacing sprinklers, cleaning ducts, and furnishing new furniture and appliances. This work was also carried through the hallways, offices, and bathrooms/locker rooms. Supplements to the contract included replacing light fixtures, replacing specific sections of damaged drywall, addressing leaking window sills, additional work in the bathrooms, additional electrical and plumbing work, and addressing the leaking roof.



  • Checking and inputting data from inspector daily reports into electronic and manual systems
  • Generating pay estimates
  • Maintaining quantity books
  • Preparing authorizations to proceed and change orders
  • Preparing weekly and monthly logs
  • Archiving documents in the Tollway’s web-based system E-Builder
  • Maintaining contract documentation in accordance with the Tollway’s Construction Matrix


  • Coordinating with Tollway staff and contractors
  • Making sure contractors are following Tollway and IDOT standards
  • Preparing daily inspection reports of work observed