Projects > Dallas North/President George Bush Tollway Interchange


SE3 is currently providing various engineering design services for the preparation of PS&E for the Dallas North Tollway/President George Bush Turnpike Interchange and ramp modifications.

Project tasks include:

Improvements will include the modifications of the mainline and ramps along the Dallas North Tollway (DNT) from President George Bush Turnpike (PGBT) to south of Parker Road and the widening of the existing interchange direct connectors bridge structures on the north side of the DNT/PGBT interchange. The project also includes the relocation and electronic tolling of the existing DNT Mainline entrance and exit ramps of Park Boulevard (2 ramps). We are also responsible for the addition and electronic tolling of an entrance and exit ramps to and from Park Boulevard from the DNT/PGBT direct connectors (2 ramp), as well as the electronic tolling of the existing Plano Parkway entrance and exit ramps (2 ramps). We will relocate the existing fiber optic cable trunklines and laterals, and handle the removal, relocation and addition of ITS elements, and maintenance of temporary communications and operation of ITS and tolling elements.

The SE3 scope includes preparing removal plans detailing the removal limits and quantities of existing pavement, utilities, landscape, bridges, toll plaza structures, and various other removal items. SE3 is preparing drawings specifications, and details for all signing and pavement markings including overall temporary, interim and final signing strategies and placement of signs outside contract limits. This includes large sign details showing dimensions, lettering, shields, borders, corner radii, etc. SE3 is also assisting in ITS design, including necessary ITS infrastructure such as CCTV camera towers, DMS structures, associated electrical systems, fiber optic communications cable, duct banks and associated access vaults to provide connectivity to the existing and relocated communications backbone and laterals.