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Our aviation services include, but are not limited to:

Services - Project Level

  • Airport Design
  • Airfield Geometric Design
  • Airfield and Apron Pavement Design
  • Airfield Pavement Marking
  • Airfield Guidance Signage
  • Airfield Lighting
  • Military Fixed-Wing Aprons
  • Concrete Testing
  • Commercial Airport Aprons
  • General Aviation Airports
  • Airport Construction Inspection
  • Navigational Aids (PAPI and VASI)
  • Airfield Safety/Perimeter Fencing
  • Control Tower Lighting Control and Display Panels
  • Land-side Construction Vehicle Inspection Areas (Commercial airport)
  • Land-side Roadways and Parking Lots
  • Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems

Kansas City International Airport (KCI) Logistics Trailer Complex Design-Build

SE3 was honored to be part of the Clark-Weitz-Clarkson’s (CWC) team serving as the Lead Designer for the Kansas City International Airport (KCI) Logistics Trailer Complex Design-Build. The project is an 8.5- acre site that will house modular office trailers and a material laydown area for subcontractors throughout the duration of the new terminal project. The trailer complex will also include a permanent expansion of the parking lot for the current office building serving as CWC’s local project office.